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Enhanced by more than 6 years of playing experience on fantasy premier league game, the author is here to share you the invaluable gaming experience and help you to enjoy the most from this fantasy game! I'll keep you updated with the tips from top fantasy blog writers as well as contributing a bit of my own ideas. Wish you the best on this fantasy game!

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

FPL2011/12 GW20

This is embarrassing. I had very points for gw18 and gw19. It also means that my strategy to count on top defenders back-fired. my choices over the period, which is terry, jones, vermaelen, evans, richards, all got injured. In the end i have to waste more points to change them all. It's a failure.

but moving to gw20 it finally works. Man City and Tottenham both got clean sheet, means I get pretty good points for my defenders.

these few weeks also saw the middle team start to get better. might be good to pick a few players from them.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

FPL2011/12 GW16

There were a few unexpected results, but 62pts is not a bad result. Nani and Rooney are back to their best last week with 18pts and 12pts respectively, make up the loss for those managers who still kept faith in them.

I'm not planning to make any changes to my team. But I have added a few names into my watchlist:

Schwarzer FUL 5.0 - in form

Young QPR 4.9 - cheap
Shawcross STO 5.1 - team in form
Jagielka EVE 5.4 - favorable fixture

Larsson SUN 6.7 - set piece taker, team on resurgence following manager change.
Walters STO 6.7 - playing as striker currently
Walcott ARS 8.9 - in form
Moses WIG 4.6 - cheap
Gomez WIG 4.9 cheap, in form

Sturridge CHE 6.9 - in form
Graham SWA 4.8 - cheap

Thursday, December 8, 2011

FPL2011/12 GW15

Dear readers, Sorry for long wait. Been busy with life.
I fared poorly for season 2010/11, couldn't manage a 5-figure overall ranking for the first time in 5 years. However, this season I'm going to make a come back!

My previous season's result:
season points rank
2006/07 1924 24889
2007/08 2158 22668
2008/09 2011 18042
2009/10 2322 13270
2010/11 1741 863636

I've actually used my wildcard on GW15. I've gatherd enough team value to own a dream lineup for defenders. So it's time for a change.

My current lineup:
G Krul
G Vorm

D Terry
D Jones
D Taylor
D Vermaelen
D Richards

M Bale
M Surman
M Mata
M Silva
M Gower

F Ba
F Yakubu
F Van Persie

Defenders has been getting low points during the start of the season, but top teams are going pretty steady now, so we should expect more clean sheets coming from teams. And the names above are notable for goalscoring too. This defence lineup earned at least 24 points in the last 4 GW.

To be able to get the dream defenders lineup, I had to sacrifice my midfield and forward options. Van Persie is the sure choice, and I had to pick two other cheaper strikers. Ba and Yakubu are the form picks. There hadn't been a consistent midfield performer other than Silva and Bale, so it's worth putting the money somewhere else.

Hope my team choice may give you some idea!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fantasy World Cup 2010

the official Fantasy game for World Cup 2010 has just launched today! you can now start to pick the players for your squad. Note that you need to complete a 23 player squad with 140M team value. This fantasy game has been enhanced by more points winning ways such as attacking bonus, defending bonus, more points for playing in a game, deduction for own goals, giving away possion and such. I hope you will enjoy the game together!